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Weather-Proof Projector Box

Updated: May 11, 2020

Seattle has some pretty unpredictable weather, but you can be pretty certain that the probability

of rain starting in October is greater than 50%. I probably don’t need to tell you that rain would render a projector inoperable within a few minutes. Boo. So, I started designing a weather-proof box to protect my projector from the elements. As luck would have it, during the course of my research, I ran across an excellent website that details a design that perfectly met my requirements. Rather than regurgitate it’s details, I’ll simply link to it here. I installed outdoor marine speakers, a 100W amplifier, and two exhaust fans In my constructed projector box.

Oh, one more thing. As an additional bonus, this website introduced me to projection mapping which is a technology that lets you map 3D projections onto real-world solids (like the walls of your house). Very cool stuff. Check it out. You can send the pressworks website proprietor a digital photo of the front of your house taken from a given angle, and they will create a custom video for you that maps various holiday sequences onto the exterior walls of your house for a fee. You then setup your projector in the location where you snapped the photo of your house and—voila—your neighbors will wonder how you accomplished this little feat of magic. Alternaticely, you can use VPT8 software to create these kinds of videos.

I will have an upcoming blog post about this topic when I find the time.

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