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Making a Halloween Cemetery Fence

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Last year, I set up a bunch of cool Halloween decorations (like the Haunted Mansion Singing Busts) in my front yard, and little kids were so enchanted by the illusions that they ran right over and nearly toppled them. I didn’t mind, exactly (that’s why I made them), but it would have been a lot of work to replace; so, I decided to make a fence that would make it very clear that "thou shalt not pass!" Have you ever priced wrought iron? It's pretty expensive. I soon realized that I wanted the appearance of wrought iron but the cost of PVC. It’s inexpensive but looks amazing. Do not be surprised when people think this fence is made out of wrought iron.


1” x 2” x 6’ wood plank (2)

2“ x 2” x 6’ wood plank (1)

6’ Schedule 40 white PVC pipe (9) 1-1/4” wood screws (box)

Stainless steel right-angle brackets (8)

1/2” plywood

Primer spray paint

Black spray paint


3/4” hole saw




Table saw


3D printer

PLA plastic


Estimated time to complete: 1-2 hours

1. Cut the PVC pipe into 18 lengths of 28” with the hack saw (or a table saw)

2. Cut the 2”x2” planks into 2 lengths of 28” with the table saw.

3. With the hole saw, cut 18 holes in each of the 1“x2” planks, starting 2” from one of the ends and spaced evenly 4” apart.

4. Lay the 1”x2” planks parallel to one another (see below), and slide PVC pipes through the planks. I did pipes at the ends and the middle first to ensure consistent and even spacing.

5. Drill a hole through the planks, and insert a 1-1/4” stainless wood screw to hold each pipe in place.

6. Attach the 2”x2” posts to the ends of the 1”x2” planks with right-angle brackets.

7. Cut curved perpendicular supports from the 1/2” plywood using a jigsaw.

8. Attach perpendicular supports to 2”x2” posts using 1-1/4” wood screws.

9. Skip to Step 11 if you don’t have access to a 3D printer, or you plan to buy some finials; otherwise, you can print 18 of these finials:

Scale the model to 80% of its current size in Blender.

10. Glue the finials to the top of each PVC pipe section.I used a general adhesive (E6000).

11. Coat the entire fence and toppers with primer, and when dry, spray with black spray paint. You can use flat or gloss—it just depends on the look you want to achieve.

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